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MISSION: Learning is a lifelong challenge, but most people can usually only attend college for a few years or at most a decade. The purpose of this website is to be helpful by providing important ideas and information probably not found in university courses or traditional literature in a clear concise manner. This website is not part of a nonprofit organization, but we are trying to be scholarly, constructive, nonpolitical, charitable, and sympathetic to all, while being creative, and more independent than nonprofit corporations and universities can be. El is not intending to make any money off this website. Commercial links and trade names are only used where it is unquestionably helpful to the visitor instead of El. For example, the links to a few of El's scientific reports found on the Internet are listed below. El gets no money from the sale of his reports by Government agents.

El is mainly motivated by his concern for humanity and his deep apprehension for the fate of information, whether in the form of documents, petroglyphs, monuments, fossils, or living genetic material. Every time a person dies, there is an enormous tragic loss of information in their brain and other parts of the body. Whether rich or poor, whether good looking or not, and whether famous or unknown; life is very hard for every person on planet earth and every person has value in some way for humanity every person's experience and memories are very valuable.

EL the PUBLISHER: El is an old, disabled, retired government researcher, perpetual student, book addict, webmaster since 1996 and computer user since 1960 with tons of experience in a large variety of fields. El has worked as a volunteer for many charitable nonprofits for well over half a century while confining himself to their narrow missions. In contrast, here he can publish any writings on any "out of the box" helpful subject.

CONTACT US: Your thoughts, corrections, and suggestions are welcomed at the e-mail address:  ElsResearch@aol.com. This website was updated in March 2015. All images and text are copyright by El's Research Studies, % Elwin C. Penski, 2515 Jerusalem Road, Joppa, MD 21085-1903. All rights reserved and no use without consent, but consent is readily available. Founded in 2009 to be an easily accessible, readily updated and easily restructured website by El.

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