Elvis Presley’s Death from Constipation
El Penski, September 2013

Elvis Presley was one of the most loved and important figures of the twentieth century's popular culture. In 1977 at age 42, Elvis was found dead in his elaborate bathroom near his toilet where he apparently spent much of his time. Three independent autopsies found no obvious cause of death.1 Although prescription drugs were in his blood, all were at safe concentrations. What the autopsies did reveal was that his heart was enlarged and his colon was two to three times in diameter of a normal colon, but officially his death was attributed to a heart attack.2

Years later the theory was proposed that Elvis died from extreme constipation straining. “Elvis Presley died of chronic constipation according to his doctor, Dr. Nick Nichopoulos,”3, 4 and Nichopoulos related that they found stool that had been in his colon for 5 months. Apparently the medical profession knew little of constipation at the time Elvis died; and, also in refined circles, no one spoke of such subjects. “ . . .Presley had struggled with constipation his whole life and as a child his mother, Gladys, had had to ‘manually disimpact’ him.”5

As I point out in my article titled A Proposed Cause and Cure of ALS, IBS, and PLS 6 constipation can cause many types of problems. “Previous research has shown that gut bacteria plays a role in a wide range of important functions, including digestion, controlling body weight, immune response regulation and the production of neurotransmitters that affect the brain and behavior.”7 I would expect that Elvis took pain relieving drugs to ease the terrible agony from his extremely embarrassing constipation, but the pain medicine made his constipation even more severe.

Remember I have no formal training in medicine and do not want to pass myself off as any kind of expert. I am just a victim of PLS and IBS who believes his research, experience and thoughts are worth sharing with other sufferers and the medical profession, but on the other hand some medical professionals and many other people still think constipation is a minor problem that can be treated easily with a laxative or enema in all cases with no long term effects. If the constipation of Elvis was so severe, any of his organs may have been starving for nutrition and/or damaged. I think some people are so busy that they do not notice that they are frequently constipated at times while wondering why they feel bad or crazy.


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