The daily business news frequently includes stories of the following: unprecedented economic disasters, off-balance sheet loans, ignoring safety violations, employee lawsuits, toxic spills, bribes, misleading accounting practices, late-day trading, trading on insider information, “round-trip” trades, portfolio pumping, NINJA (no income, no job, no assets) loans, and cozy relationships with regulators and contractors.

It is clearly time for all managers in government, business, nonprofits, and religious organizations to return to the fundamentals of management. This book discusses the foundations of our modern management concepts and offers excellent illustrations and stories to support its viewpoint from the Bible, management literature, and the author’s extensive experience.

Reading this book could help every person, from the highest paid corporate executive to the minimum wage worker, in dealing with people, avoiding legal problems, avoiding unnecessary costs, while building a strong organization, and at the same time, making work more enjoyable.

FREDERICK W. DICKENS is a motivational speaker with 35 years of experience as a trainer and management consultant who has designed and conducted numerous national and local training seminars. Frederick is a Vietnam veteran, was the recipient of the Baltimore City Police Officer of the Year Award, and elected to the Board of the International Association of Special Investigation Units. He has earned 12 professional designations and has a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Baltimore, Business School. He is also the Training Director for the Maryland Knights of Columbus. Frederick was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, baptized a Lutheran, and then converted to Catholicism. During his diverse management career he has learned the secrets of effectively dealing with people, and he shares those management principles in this book.

Library of Congress Control Number: : 2010930034

ISBN-13: 978-0-9841210-2-1
ISBN-10: 0-9841210-2-1

Author: Frederick W. Dickens
Title: The Testaments of Management
Subtitle: How modern management techniques can be found in the Holy Bible
Edition:    First Edition
Publisher: Joppa, Maryland, El’s Research Studies, 2011
Description: 196 pages, 9 inch height
   Note:    Includes footnotes, and references
Language: English
Subjects: Personnel Management, Bible
Format: Hard Cover Book

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