The Future of Humanity –
A Short Optimistic Vision

By El Penski, December 29, 2014, Happy New Year 2015

All the matter of which humanity is composed was in the big bang that began our universe. We are composed of elements brewed by later nuclear transformations in stars. Most of us live peaceful and placid lives and find it hard to image the extreme violence that our tiny parts withstood thru billions of years of chaos. All of us living in the New World, or our ancestors, crossed thousands of miles of perilous oceans. Surges of Native Americans crossed oceans and replaced or intermarried with those who came before them. Most immigrants were uprooted and driven by hard times.

If we can sway our politicians and coach our children to obey laws, not resist arrest, listen to educators while not being indoctrinated, learn science and technology, learn compromise, and not murder innocent people; starting now humanity could be the master of a great destiny of humankind. There are unlimited resources in the universe for all of us to use and many beautiful places to hide.

Although Earth is moving very fast around the sun and through the universe, humanity lives in a very stable appearing, moderate part of our universe. In the past, evolution could only creep along in such a relatively unchanging place on earth. Humankind needs to let change come by evolution, the time proven method for progress, not by unthoughtful, complex man-made, tragic revolutions, mythology based ideologies, upheavals, or wars. To achieve these goals, possibly, most of humanity needs to worship a forgiving, kindly God.

Hopefully, along the way we will not encounter any more advanced life forms than us. If they are billions or millions years ahead of us, in spite of being benevolent, they may perceive humanity as brainless tiny germs as we view many life forms.

When we discover all the laws of physics, we may find our universe is moving slower than light speed relative to many other universes. If so, we probably cannot see or interact with other universes until we learn to accelerate near or past the speed of light. Just as we discovered how to exceed the speed of sound, I am very optimistic about exceeding the speed of light. Since we are learning very fast; and skeptics and pessimists have been proven wrong many times when they thought they understood physics.

Hopefully, someday our descendants will study monster black holes, colliding galaxies and galaxy clusters to learn and see from whence they came. I hope they will talk about a wonderful perfect place called Earth as they wander through a number of universes looking for many more New Worlds, Earth-like planets, hidden by speed. Probably, they will enjoy watching the natural nuclear cosmic fireworks displays instead of little chemical pyrotechnics displays which we gawk at on Earth today.

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