Book Review of
"Memorial Celebration of the Sixtieth Anniversary
of the Birth of Edwin Booth, Players (Club)"
Bibliolife, LLC., 2009.

by El Penski, July 2010

The Players, often called the Players Club, was founded by Edwin Booth. Edwin purchased the New York City building in 1847. During his lifetime, he lived on the upper floor, using the rest of the building for a Clubhouse for actors. Joseph Jefferson succeeded Edwin Booth as President of Players after Edwin's death in June 7, 1893, aged 59. The book is a reprinting of the original 60 page Memoriam held for Edwin on November 13, 1893 in Madison Square Garden Concert Hall.

Joseph Jefferson, the first speaker, who was friends with Edwin from the time Edwin was 16 until his death. Jefferson wrote the memorable statement that Edwin "considered no man happy until he could enjoy the successes of his enemies." The book details how Edwin tried to help actors and elevate the theater.

Park Godwin, George E. Woodberry, Tommaso Salvini, and Henry Irving were the other contributers. Godwin was a very influential journalist and author of many books. At the time of the Memoriam, George E. Woodberry was professor of comparative literature at Columbia University and author of many nonfiction books. Professor Woodberry's elegy is a eight page poem. Tommaso Salvini was an Italian actor who had great success in the United States. Sir Henry Irving was an English actor-manager. His theater company was representative of English classical theatre. He was the first actor to be awarded a knighthood.

DETAILS: While the Amazon book details give 82 pages, about 15 of those are blank and two are solid black, maybe over contrasted pictures.
ISBN-13: 9781117218281

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