When the United States' Textile Industry Reached its Peak
The Shenandoah Valley Textile Executives Association, 1956-1957, Annual Yearbook

In the mid 1950s, the United States' textile industry reached its peak in sales and started to decline. While the cover of this yearbook only mentions Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia; the booklet includes companies that cover the whole Atlantic Region and South from Texas to Massachusetts.

Articles     Pages
FRONT, The Shenandoah Valley Textile Executives Association, 1956-1957, Annual Yearbook
ALL ABOUT WOOL, Your Wool Fashion Guide 11, 13, 15, 17, 19
A REPORT from the Desk of Our Past President, by George Pickett53
GOOD MILL KEEPING, by J. Lamar Moore 21, 23, 25, 27
HISTORY of Philadelphia Textile Institute (PTI), Philadelphia, PA (now Philadelphia Univ.)           49
OUR PROTÉGÉ, by PTI and Shenandoah Valley Textile Executives Association51
WOOL TEXTILES Coming Back, by Joseph Paradis57
W. J. DICKEY and SONS Inc., Oella Mills, Maryland, 1957

Companies and Individuals ContributingPages
A. H. Helmig & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA, wool, noils, tops 41
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp., New York, NY 16
Arkansas Company, Inc., Newark, NJ, textile chemicals 34
Ashworth Bros., Inc., Philadelphia, PA, card clothing 40
Bender, Clarence L., Virginia Woolen Company 5, 55
Benjamin Booth Company, Philadelphia, PA, carding 47
Binner, G. T. Jr., Clearbrook Woolen Co. 5, 7
Blake & Company, Inc., Wool Merchants, Boston, MA 18
Bondy, Louis, W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 9
Burger, John J., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 3, 55
Burton, Richard, Melville Woolen Co.55
C, G. Sargent's Sons Corporation, Granitville, Mass., opening, blending, picking, washing, extracting, drying          4
Canteen Company, Baltimore, MD, automatic merchandizing 42
Charles Webb & Sons Co., Philadelphia, PA, wools, alpaca, specialty fibers 40
Charlottesville Woolen Mills, Charlottesville, Va., Uniforms, Cashmeres, Velours, Overcoating and Suiting 28
Clearbrook Woolen Co., Inc., Clearbrook, VA, Woolen Fabrics 30
Clemens, Theodore R., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 55
Clifton Yarn Mills, Inc., Clifton Heights, PA 29
Colonial Wool Company, Boston, MA, wool, noils 44
Conant & Company Inc., Boston, MA, Wool Merchants 20
Cooper, Graham E., Virginia Woolen Company 1, 3, 55
Custer, J. Mitchell, Dunn Woolen Co.55
Davis & Furber Machine Co., North Andover, MA, picking, carding, spinning, warping, napping 36
Dickey, Harry, S., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 9
Dickey, William A. Jr., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 9
Dickie, Oscar D., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 9, 55
Dickinson, Charles H., Charlottesville Woolen Co. 5, 7
Duesberg-Bosson of America, Inc., Jefferson, MA, woolen textile machinery 54
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc., Wilmington, DE, dyes, synthetic fibers 12
Emery, Russell, Goodrich, Inc. Boston, MA, wool merchants 43
Fiber and Fabric, Maynard MA, trade magazine 24
Fisher, John H., Virginia Woolen Company 9, 55
Geigy Chemical Corp., Ardsley, New York, dyestuffs 8
General Aniline and Film Corporation, New York, NY, dyestuffs, surfactants 56
Goulson, Arnold, George A. Goulston Co., Boston, MA, wool oils 9, 38
Grimm, Clarence O., Virginia Woolen Company 9
H. F. Livermore Corporation, Boston, MA, loom parts 47
Hare, J. Quinn, Berkeley Woolen Co. 9
Hobson, John L., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 9
Howard Bros. Worcester, MA, equipment 59
Howard, Charles M., Dunn Woolen Co.55
Hutzler, John, Varel Mills, Inc. 7
I. Reifsnyder, Son & Company, Philadelphia, PA, wool merchants 35
Keiter, Hary M., Varel Mills, Inc.55
Lambeth Rope Corp., New Bedford, MA 34
Lemon, Shelby C., Berkeley Woolen Co. 55
Lutz, Carl L., Virginia Woolen Company 3
M. F. Dervin & Company, Philadelphia, PA, Cape and New Zealand Wool 29
Maryland Chemical Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, textile chemicals 44
Meinhard & Company, Inc., New York, NY, factoring 36
National Stationary Co., Baltimore, MD, printing, office supplies 39
Novick Transfer Co., Inc., Winchester, VA, haulers 46
Nyanza Color & Chemical Co., New York, NY, aniline and alizarine dyes 37
Paradis, Joseph N., "Fibre and Fabric" 9
Penski, Elwin C. 1, 51
Petrie, Richard, Philadelphia, PA 3, 55
Philadelphia Textile Institute, Philadelphia, PA ( now Philadelphia University) 10
Pickett, George, Dunn Woolen Co.53, 55
Pneumafl Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina, spinning equipment 2
R. & V. Miller, Inc., New York, NY 26
Ralph E. Loper Company, Fall River, MA, Industrial Engineers 22
Renner, Samuel, Virginia Woolen Company 9
Rettenhouse, Charles, Charles Webb & Sons Co., Philadelphia, PA 9
Richard M. Ott & Sons, Inc., Boston, MA, wool, noils, pulled wool 38
Richard W. Wells Co., Philadelphia, PA, wool 37
Riggs and Lombard, Lowell, MA, finishing equipment 45
Ritter, George H., Virginia Woolen Company 7
Ritter, L. L., Virginia Woolen Company, Winchester, VA 9
Saco-Lowell Shops, Providence, RI, service engineering 46
Sandoz Inc., New York, NY, Dyes, Textile Chemicals 6
Selva, Manuel, Varel Mills, Inc. 5
Shenandoah Valley Textile Executives Association 1
Slehedco and Southern, Philadelphia, PA, textile and weaving supplies and parts 50
Stowe-Woodward, Inc. Newton Upper Falls, MA, rolls 33
Tatem Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, PA, picker sticks, wooden loom parts 41
Teal, Charles A., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 7
The Bullard Clark Co., Danielson, Connecticut. Jacobs Loom Supplies 33
The Fuller Brush Co., Hartford, Conn. 52
The J. E. Fricke Co., Philadephia, PA, twines, thread, tapes, burlap, jute baling 39
The Ruby Wool Company, Worcester, MA, wool merchants 35
The Texas Company 30
U.S. Ring Traveler Co., Providence, R. I., textile fibres 18
Vanesse, Leo, Titan Chemical Products, Inc., Jersey City, NJ 9
Varel Mills, Inc., Middleway, WV 31
Virginia Woolen Company, Winchester, VA 31
W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc., Oella, MD, Wool Fabrics 14
Walbuck Crayon Company, Andover, MA, Textile Crayons, Chalk, Wax, and Soap 32
Walter G. Kratzer & Co., Philadelphia, PA, pulled wools 32
Ware, Forest W., Varel Mills, Inc. 3
Waste Fibres Corp. 43
Watson-Williams MFG. Co., Millbury, MA, shuttles 45
Wells, Richard W., Richard W. Wells Co., Philadelphia, PA 9
Weston Dodson & Co., Inc., Bethlehem, PA, coal 48
Whitin Machine Works, Whitinsville, MA, preparatory equipment 58
Willis, James A., W. J. Dickey & Sons, Inc. 5
Winslow & Co., Boston, MA wool, noils 28
Woonsocket Color & Chemical Co., Woonsocket, RI, dyestuffs, chemicals 42

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Thanks are due Sheila Richards for scanning the Yearbook.

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