Photographic Report of Wildlife in El's Backyard

Sun through the Branches -- 2/16/2010

Wild Nervous Deer Checking their Backs

Wild Deer -- 10/8/2013

Wild Deer at Sunrise

8 Point Buck -- 8/4/2013

Two Bucks

Ground Hog Living under Our Stairs -- 6/4/2012

When we moved to our current home in 1977, sporadically we found horses, ponies, raccoons, cattle, hogs, groundhogs, foxes, cats, dogs, possums, snakes, turtles, bull frogs, toads, and squirrels in our yard. In the last few years, we have taken and I have examined several thousands of photographs to get these few included pictures. Fortunately, we have found no signs of cougars, bears, space aliens, or Bigfoots in my backyard in Harford County, MD. Occasionally we see raccoons and foxes, but now, we have not even gotten any pictures of cats, dogs, raccoons, possums, skunks, snakes, or foxes, but many thousands of pictures of deer, almost all at night and a few squirrels in the day time.

Lately, all of the deer seem well fed. About two decades ago, I gave up trying to raise fruit and vegetables, except asparagus. The deer, like most people, do not seem to like green vegetables.

I have read that deer can leap over fences as high as 12 feet and over distances as far as 33 feet. (White-tailed Deer, from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., December 5, 2013.) I recall a tree about 20 foot high that had hundreds of apples on in the evening, and the next morning there was not an apple on it, even at the top.

Maryland reported antlered and antlerless deer hunting harvest of 3,574 deer for the 2012-2013 hunting seasons for Harford County. Across the State the harvest fell -10.7% from the previous season.

El appreciates the many kinds of help of Sheila Richards in this research project. El studied and processed the photographs, and this website was programmed in HTML by El.

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